The Holidays are a Flurry of Activity!

There is so much for me to catch up on, so many people to thank for the Toy Run and so many events to recap, but I am off to Vegas for our Toy Run there this Sunday and our Christmas party there this Wednesday and my head is spinning from non stop back to back events so my recaps will have to wait a little bit longer!

With that said, I want to thank Bruce Heaton for the most spectacular Christmas gift EVER!!!! the pictures attached are of a 3D Mixed Media Sculpture titled Hogs & Heifers, made by the artist Albert Chailosky in the early 2000’s it measures 57.5″ L X 16″W X 12″ D.  The photos do not even begin to show the detail that is INSIDE the bar, it is truly amazing, right down to the famous pole customers used to climb back in the day (Reach the Top, Win a Shot) in the center of the bar with stickers all over it, including the HOFFA sticker.  I discovered it on EBay a while back. Bruce came across it as well and felt that no one other than me should own this piece.  I am delighted to have it, truly beyond words, not just for the obvious reasons but also because it represents an era over 10 years ago, half way through our 22 years of business, when the Gansevoort Meat Market was still alive and well with Adolf Kusy Fine Pork and Provisions next door.  I truly miss the Kusy crew!!!  It harkens back to our bawdier days when the neighborhood was still raw, meat ruled the early hours of the day and tranny hookers, fetish clubs and Hogs & Heifers ruled the night!

Thank you Bruce, your thoughtfulness in giving this gift to me touches my heart deeply.  It is singularly THE greatest gift I have EVER received…. only second to the engagement ring my husband put on my finger on may 19th 2012!


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